E-Security & Survillance

The increasing rate of crime all over the world had compelled people to search for a good quality security system for their home as well as business or professional establishments. Though various types of security systems are available in Indian market these days but CCTV security systems made by some reputed CCTV company are preferred the most in this regard.

Wanting to keep an eye on your children or even your maid when you are away from home? We have the perfect solutions to that. Select from our various cost effective internet viewing CCTV solution and you can have a peace of mind of what is happening at home with just a click away from your computer. Though, installation of these CCTVs is not affordable for everyone but one has to install them somehow or other as they have become necessary for the security of their family and belongings in the home or other establishments. They are mainly used to detect and identify the face of suspected person in case of burglary. Investigators on such cases can take much help from the images captured by the CCTV cameras installed on the location. This advantage of these security systems develops a sense of security to the owner of the place.

Bullet Services specializes in design, installation, testing & commissioning of professional CCTV & IP camera surveillance system for industrial, commercial & residential users. Established in 2008, Bullet Services is a recognized full solution provider in the interior industry. We are committed to provide our customers with CCTV & IP camera solutions that are effective, reliable and affordable. We have more than 7 years of experience & skill in providing surveillance solutions for all kinds of requirements. Our customers are from various industry & trade such as retail, banking, medical, educational, manufacturing, logistic & warehousing, chemical, ship building, government sector, residential, etc. At Bullet Services, we strive to provide our customers with a hassle free experience of planning & installing a CCTV or IP system. Our customers will only need to have one point of contact when it comes to any enquires or after-sales services. Our products are assembled and serviced locally to cut down on waiting time when any repair is required. At Bullet Services, you can be sure that we are always finding ways and methods to streamline our operations and to serve you better!

We provide a wide range of quality & affordable commercial/industry grade IP Surveillance Cameras, CCTV security cameras, Wireless IP Cameras, with full installation service for home, office, retail shops and industrial buildings. If you require any such products, please feel free to call us on toll free no. 1800 222 501 to discuss in more details.

Why Install CCTV?

Statistics shows that there is a major reduction in the amount of undesired activities where CCTV cameras are installed and this is why CCTV is seen by many as the best system for deterrent and detection. For corporate users, CCTV system helps to protect valuable goods and properties against thief, abuse & damage. Video recordings can be use as important evidences when required. For home users, remote live viewing allows them to monitor their houses when they are away or overseas, and also to check that their loved ones are safe at home.

Singapore CCTV Surveillance, Alarm, Biometric Specialist

Bullet Services specialises in cctv cameras, DVR systems, spy cameras, pin / card / biometric door access systems, security alarm systems, PABX installation for corporate clients and home users in India. Many of the esteemed government agencies and established MNCs are our clients.

  • Wired / Wireless CCTV Camera Surveillance Solution

    Supply and installation of reliable CCTV surveillance camera solutions (wired or wireless) for Singapore office, factory, retail outlet, home, warehouse, restaurant, condo, shopping mall, hotel, cleanroom, including indoor, outdoor, day, night cctv cameras,portable mobile CCTV camera system, wireless spycam, spycam clock, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cctv cameras, digital video recorder (DVR) and anti-car vandal cctv camera recorder.

    Our cctv camera solution enables the users to see what the cctv cameras see LIVE over the Internet on various types of PC (Windows & Mac) and phones (iPhone, iPad, Android phones), and to record the cctv camera video digitally for surveillance purpose..

    · Door Access Solution

    Supply and installation of Card/Pin Door Access or Fingerprint Biometric Access system suitable for Indian offices, schools and factories.

    · Security Alarm System

    Supply and installation of Wired or Wireless Security Alarm system suitable for Indian offices, buildings, factories, warehouses and homes.

    · PABX for SOHO & SME

    Supply & installation of PABX system suitable for Indian SOHO & SME. Models include 3 CO lines and 8 extensions, or 4 CO lines and 16 extensions.

    · Audio Video Intercom System

    Supply & installation of Audio and Video Intercom system suitable for Indian offices, warehouses, factories, shopping malls and residential homes.
    For our corporate clients, we also offer the following consultancy services:

    · CCTV Surveillance Consultancy

    We can help you identify your security & cctv surveillance requirement, draft the technical specifications for the call for cctv quotation or tender, all the way to overall project management to ensure smooth completion of the cctv project.

    · Customization of Security Systems

    We have the technical capability to customize various security solutions such as mobile CCTV to meet your requirement. Cost of customization is dependent on complexity of the project.